Mental Health Awareness


1169796_236767446525780_1607037118_nWelcome! My name is Amanda, and I am an undergraduate Writing major, Liberal Arts Communication minor.

I enjoy writing poetry and nonfiction, but also occasionally delve into fiction and journalism. Some of my published works can be found in Carroll University’s Century Magazine, as well as The Barefoot Review. When I am not writing, I love spending time in the outdoors, taking care of my pets, and spending time with my family and friends.

This blog was designed as a medium for my COM 137, Intro to News Writing and Reporting class. During this course, I completed a multimedia project, which encompassed a news story portion and a broadcast story portion. Both portions of the multimedia project are available through this blog. For more information about the specifics of my multimedia project, and why this site is called mental health awareness, please follow the multimedia project tab.

To see my personal blog and other work, please visit

I hope you enjoy visiting my blog and learning more about reducing mental health stigmas!





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